The location of the appendix Retroperitonealnoe location of the appendix is very rare. All children with a similar localization usually come to the hospital for 3-4th day of onset. In this regard, the ultrasound revealed only complicated forms of acute appendicitis as periappendikulyar – ing infiltrate. Identifying these changes because of the large size, the presence of a liquid component and a pronounced reaction periappendikulyarnyh structures presents no significant difficulties.

Inflammatory changes of the appendix goes unnoticed. This situation most often occurs when the appendix is ​​shielded by other changes in the structure right iliac region and pelvis – a conglomerate of inflammatory lymph nodes transformed ileotsekal – ing angle, rigid, poorly controlled compression dome cecum at cecitis, an increase in size of the right ovary in the presence of it reactive changes. In some cases, the inflamed appendix may go unnoticed when you deviate from the correct method of study.

Udet with suspected acute appendicitis is necessary to examine not only the right iliac region, but in view of possible atypical localization appendix consistently explore the upper sections of the right lateral canal and the pelvic cavity. Vermix determined, but ehogra – graphically mistakenly regarded as unchanged. This is due to the fact that analyzes available Least changed fragment visualization process. This problem may occur predominantly in the form of inflammatory abscess transformation when rendering the entire process difficult. Macroscopically appendix has clavate, and its most modified fragment is located in a loop of the terminal ileum and unavailable echographic evaluation.