Difficulties for the diagnosis The greatest difficulty for the diagnosis of tumors represent verhnemedialnyh departments kidney imitating painting retroperitoneal neuroblastoma, as well as tumors, leading to inhibition of the function of the affected kidney. Abdominal angiography, aortography including, most effective in the diagnosis of nephroblastoma and solving operational hundred – coding tumor.

If you suspect a bilateral nephroblastoma, abnormal swelling (including horseshoe) kidneys, with the defeat of one kidney in conjunction with the contralateral non-tumor disease – General kidneys must abandon sequential use of other methods of diagnosis, except angiography, which has the most informative (93%) in identifying extent of the tumor and indispensable when planning surgical treatment. Ultrasound examination – the main method of dynamic observation of patients with nefroblas – an issue of who should be used to assess the effectiveness of the treatment of primary and metastatic tumors in combination with radionukltstsnymi research. In identifying options nefrob sarcoma – lastomy characterized by frequent metastasis – it dice must radionuclide and X-ray examination of the skeleton.

A characteristic feature of ultrasound renal tumors in children is the presence of pathological surround education inhomogeneous structure with disordered reflections of varying intensity ; such education consists of one or several different tumor nodules (low or high) echogenicity with cystic areas in 25% of cases. There is also a variant of cystic nephroblastoma. Rare forms of malignancy include kidney carcinoma. In pediatric practice also rare benign neoplasms of the kidney in the form of her hemangioma. Metastases to the retroperitoneal lymph nodes most frequently observed in tumors of the reproductive glands, rare species of tumor kidney damage in children (renal cell carcinoma, adenokar – Qing, sarcoma), with organ and Inorganic neyrob – lastomah, at least – with nephroblastoma and liver tumors. The most sensitive increase in identifying CT retroperitoneal lymph nodes, it should be noted that the low specificity of the method as well as angiography, echography.