Visual signs of tumor lesion volume I would like to emphasize that the visual signs of tumor lesion volume of the different organs, vneorgannye changes do not have specific features. It is impossible to echograms radiographs talk about the morphological nature of the lesion. Only a combination of clinical and visual signs may suggest the presence of space-occupying lesions.

“Gold standard” diagnosis remains biopsy, histological examination. Illustration of this can serve as a history of the disease girl 8 years, suffering from diabetes severe. By ultrasound in the retroperitoneal space on both sides of her determined bulk density around the upper poles of the kidneys, which has slipped and squeezed respectively liver, IVC and tail of the pancreas. In addition, the lower pole of the right kidney was defined hypoechoic, homogeneous, non-vascular formation with clear smooth contours. Fixed small amount of free fluid in the abdominal cavity.

All these changes were confirmed by CT. The girl was a low-grade fever, significant changes in blood inflammatory nature. After 2 weeks of antibiotic therapy after a massive all of the above symptoms have completely disappeared. Level of the tumor along the spine and peculiar neuroblastoma growth infilyrativny define complex diagnostic measures aimed not only to identify the location of the tumor, but also to clarify the prevalence of pathological process in planning surgical or radiation treatment. There are various localization neuroblastoma.

Among the most frequent tumor in – peritoneal space (60%) and tumors of the posterior mediastinum (22%). Tumors located along the cervical vertebrae and are not as common (4%) are the least difficult to diagnose because of the availability of morphological studies. Monitoring tumor localization process such conservative treatment may be done using ultrasound. When planning surgical treatment is required CT. To identify and retroperitoneal Presa – kralnoy Inorganic neuroblastoma in the first stage suitable ultrasound and excretory urography. When ultrasound is determined multisite volume formation of heterogeneous structure with areas of calcification. If the tumor is localized pre – and paravertebral, the neoplastic process involved the main vessels are moved adjacent organs and tissues.