At the level of the kidneys The greatest number of neuroblastomas Inorganic located on the kidneys, and depending on a bilateral or unilateral location gives semi-oval or spindle-shaped shadow, adjacent to the spine, and in 20% of cases occur calcifications. Often along the outer contour of the tumor revealed a shadow moved away and internally rotated kidneys. By arranging the largest tumor diameter above or below the renal hilum it moves not only laterally, but also upward or downward, respectively.

Thus, the most typical signs of excretory urography with neuroblastoma – stretching and lateral displacement of the renal lohanoch – ing system and ureter. Tumor vessels of the lumbar artery system, the high frequency of involvement of the great vessels (ingrowth into the wall of the inferior vena cava to 12 times more frequently than in other tumors, and in the aortic wall – 3 times more likely) are typical for angiography – cific pattern of retroperitoneal neuroblastoma. Expansion and displacement of adrenal arteries feeding ing neoplasm downward shift of the renal arteries distinguish an adrenal gland tumor.