Place perforation In some patients with severe inflammatory transformation can not see the place in the form of wall perforation defect circuit sizes from 2 to 3.5 mm. Perforations may detect a location by using sensors with frequencies of 7.5-10 MHz, since the lower frequency transducers have a resolution. When scoping study of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space defined diffuse changes in other internal organs.

These changes (given the lack of appropriate anamnestic data and fast dynamics of postoperative edema) can be regarded as reactive (secondary) on the background of intoxication expressed. Do vsehdetey determined changes in the liver in the form of a significant increase in its vascular pattern, increasing the anterior-posterior size of the right lobe 10-15 mm compared with middle-aged norm. The majority of children in this group are marked diffuse changes of the pancreas – parenchymal echogenicity with the advent melkotochechnye hyperechoic inclusions without authentic ehografiches – FIR signs of increasing it.

In some cases, there are diffuse changes in the kidneys in the form of varying degrees of increased echogenicity cortical parenchyma, fuzziness drawing pyramids. These changes are not accompanied by severe disorders of the urine.