The survey methodology Investigation of possible child should be painless, or at least no more painful than a clinical examination. Pronounced negative reaction of the child to inspect greatly complicates research, and in this case it makes sense to him in a state of sleep medication child.

Study with a full bladder is considered optimal, particularly for girls, puberty to avoid acute surgical pelvic pathology. Further inspection of structures aimed right iliac region makes sense to spend a moderate bladder filling as crowded bubble compression impedes the anterior abdominal wall. Ultrasound examination of children with acute abdominal syndrome should be comprehensive and begins with an overview inspection upper abdomen and retroperitoneum using convex probe 5 MHz. If the survey does not give positive results, explaining the origin of the patient’s symptoms and complaints, it is necessary to continue to study the right iliac region. Greatly complicates the study enema immediately before ultrasound or even a few hours before it – fluid-filled loops overstretched colon are resistant compression screening “area of ​​interest”.